Our history

A story of serendipity

The story of Extramel® begins with an unexpected discovery. Almost 30 years later, the passion remains unchanged and is evident at each stage of the process.


Some French melon producers are surprised by a new variety of Cantaloupe melon (Cucumis melo L.) with an impressively long shelf life. Several years of research finally uncovered the mystery of this unique long-lasting quality: an exceptionally high content of Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), a powerful antioxidant.


Bionov is the world leader in natural ingredients standardized in SOD, ensuring all the production steps from culture to production, and the research and development of the innovative active ingredients.


This fruit with amazing properties becomes the focus of a human, technical and scientific adventure. Bionov is founded with the aim to produce industrially a natural melon-juice concentrate, rich in SOD. To do so, Bionov develops an eco-extraction process which allows to obtain a progressive concentration of the fruit’s antioxidant capacities.


Bionov joins the Robertet group. A family-owned company established in Grasse and managed by the fourth generation of family members, Robertet is the world leader in natural ingredients.

Gros plan sur une tranche de melon frais à la main riche en Superoxyde Dismutase (SOD), enzyme antioxydante - Extramel

From Seed to care™

The melon is the keystone of Bionov®. The unique variety at the start of Bionov history was initially selected by traditional crosslinks for the food industry. When the secret of its incredible shelf life was discovered, Bionov aimed to apply the concept to human health.

Today, the seed of this unique, non-GMO variety is the strict propriety of Bionov. Each year, it is entrusted to a small group of selected producers, who have worked with the company for a long time.

All the melon fields are located in the south of France including in the region of Cavaillon, well-known for its traditional know-how.

Bionov crops are cultivated outdoors according to reasoned or organic production and Good Agricultural Practice and Harvest. Melons are harvested manually at optimal maturity and are directly shipped to the production facility, avoiding any risk of alteration.

Récolte des melons Extramel dans un champ
Research is in our DNA - Extramel®

Research is in our DNA

Since its earliest beginnings, research and innovation have been at the very heart of Bionov. The R&D has spent the last 20 years making sustained efforts to provide new knowledge as well as technical solutions tailored to market requirements

– The analytical team works on the development of innovative methods, for increased traceability in particular.

– The encapsulation team is committed to developing new technologies able to meet the needs of tomorrow’s applications, formulations, and markets.

– The objectification team focuses on the elucidation of Extramel®’s method of action and demonstration of its efficacy when administered by the oral or topical routes

In the past years, Bionov has conducted extensive scientific research assuring the safety and the efficacy of its ingredients. Today, Extramel® and the rest of the SOD B® range represent:

30 years of research,
30 scientific publications,
10 patents,
6 clinical studies,
10 persons entirely dedicated to research and development.

research in our DNA, Superoxyde Dismutase (SOD), enzyme antioxydante - Extramel