Extramel® is a natural ingredient for stress relief, which provides mental and physical well-being.

Developed by Bionov®

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Extramel® benefits

Natural and sustainable

Produced thanks to an eco-process, without any solvents or additives, Extramel® is a concentrate of all the melon’s bioactive molecules. It is naturally rich in SOD, a super antioxidant!

Clinically proven efficacy

Extramel® efficacy has been demonstrated in 2 clinical studies (randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled) in a total of 130 subjects.

Guaranteed bioactivity

Thanks to a micro-encapsulation, Extramel® activity is protected from acid attacks and aqueous media. Our complete range of coating fits all your projects.

une solution globale extramel

A comprehensive solution

Thanks to its specific mechanism of action,  Extramel® offers a broad-spectrum activity! Results show that it does not only improve stress management but also significantly reduce its negative effects on our daily lives.

A story of serendipity

une histoire d'heureux hasard extramel

The story of Extramel® begins with an unexpected discovery. Almost 30 years later, the passion remains unchanged and is evident at each stage of the process.

photographie de melon - extramel

Bionov®, a Robertet company

Founded in 1999, Bionov® joins the Robertet group in 2016. Integrating Bionov® not only extended the Health & Beauty division offer, but also brought specific expertise in biosciences and in encapsulation technology.