what is extramel

What is Extramel® ?

Extramel® is a unique melon juice concentrate obtained from a proprietary variety of the Cantaloupe melon. A high source of natural and protected Superoxide Dismutase (SOD), Extramel® also is a cocktail of all the bioactive ingredients of melon pulp: vitamins, minerals, proteins, fibres and sugars.

A concentrate of freshness and vitality, Extramel® has been clinically proven to improve well-being by favouring stress relief and improving both mental and physical abilities. Natural and bioactive, Extramel® acts by boosting the body’s natural antioxidant defences, thus preventing oxidative stress, a key agent of emotional stress physiology.

Thanks to its specific mechanism of action, Extramel® has a broad-spectrum activity, for a unique and lasting efficacy.

What is Extramel - Extramel®
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A patented eco-process

Obtained from a unique non-GMO variety of Cantaloupe melon exclusively grown in the south of France, Extramel® benefits from complete traceability from the seed to the final ingredient.

Extramel® is produced via environmentally friendly, gentle processing, involving only physical steps with no solvent or additive. Only the edible parts of the melon are used.

Successive filtration steps and a strict management of the temperature allow a progressive concentration of the antioxidant capacities of the fruit.

Thanks to an encapsulation step, our melon concentrate is fully protected, ensuring the bioactivity of the ingredient. Safe and environmentally friendly, Extramel® respects the strictest standards in terms of quality and food safety.

A patented eco-process - Extramel®
A range of coatings to suit all your applications​_visuel

A range of coatings to suit all your applications

To meet the requirements of diverse applications and markets, Extramel® is available as a range of coating solutions suitable for diverse formulations:

  • Dietary supplement (from tablets, capsules, and soft-gels to gummies);
  • Instant drinks;
  • Functional foods;
  • Cosmetics, (creams, lotions etc.)

All our coatings are guaranteed allergen free and are backed by a technical and a safety file. In a consumer-oriented perspective, we can provide a vegan and and an organic formulations.

As an enzyme, Superoxide Dismutase (SOD) is highly sensitive to acidic pH, high temperature and aqueous media.  During its release through the gastro-intestinal pathway, the enzyme is denatured. It then follows the same route as all edible proteins and is therefore unable to provide its antioxidant property.


To solve this issue, we developed several protective coatings: able to limit the attack of SOD by digestive enzymes, they allow that the bioactive molecules reach the intestine in a sufficient quantity to initiate their effect.


When topically administered, SOD requires protection from water in the cosmetic base. Thanks to the micro-encapsulation, Extramel® maintains its full potential for when it is applied.